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snoopy67 07-05-2005 07:19 AM

spotlight finds files on backup but not on source volume
Well, they subject says it almost all.
When i search for 500.daily in spotlight, it reports the file on the backup volume, but it doesn't seem to find it on the source volume (Mac_HD).
Same when i search for
And, even mre confusing, when i search with spotlight for a file that resides in a user's home, it turns up both locations, the one on Mac_HD and the one on the backup volume.

How can that be?

What's even more confusing is that i switched indexing off on the backup volume, but not the source volume:

/Users/zach% sudo mdutil -s /Volumes/System\ Clone
/Volumes/System Clone:
Status: Indexing Disabled
/Users/zach% sudo mdutil -s /Volumes/Mac_HD/
Status: Indexing Enabled


dnanian 07-05-2005 08:29 AM

Disabling indexing doesn't disable searching, snoopy67. It just disables automatic indexing of the volume.

I'd try rebuilding the source index. (Note that 500.daily MIGHT be excluded by spotlight since it's in a system folder. But, try the rebuild w/mdutil -E / and see what it does.)

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