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xcaliber 06-27-2005 12:34 PM

General Newbie Questions
Hi Dave..

Following the advise of many..I've download and registered Superduper!

I have a few questions.

I have an iMac G4 with 80 GB hard drive running Panther 10.3.9. (Shows 74.4 GB - 57.29 GB Free)

I just purchased an external Firewire Hard drive with 160 GB (not even out of the box yet).

I am planning on installing Tiger doing an erase and fresh install. So I am going to make a clone of my current system on the new external. Being that I have plenty of room on the external, I was planning on partitioning it (prolly into 2 blocks). Partition #1 for the my current Panther clone and Partition #2 for Tiger clone once its installed

Once I clone my system over and make sure it works!! I will do the erase and install of Tiger. Once I am certain that everything is good with the new Tiger install I was planning on cloning Tiger on Partion #2 & keeping my old system on #1 just for the next few weeks while I put Tiger thru the loops (so to speak), I figure that way if anything comes up...I can revert back to Panther.

My question is with the Safety Clone. Should the Safety Clone be on my internal or external drive? Before I to the fresh install of Tiger, I can partition my internal to allow room for the Safety Clone if keeping the Safety on the internal is the better way to go. Otherwise, if you recommend keeping the Safety on the external, I could set up a third partition, or just wait a few week until I'm certain Tiger is good then erase partition #1 on the external and use that for the Safety Clone.

I am currently only using about 18 GB of space on my hard drive...I don't expect it to grow to huge amounts anytime soon. So I've got plenty of room on both the internal and external to set up in the most advisable way.

I was kind of hoping to perhaps partition the external into 3 blocks and possibly using the #3rd block (which would be quite small), to keep older files/folders that I don't use very often, but not sure this is really necessary giving the amount of space I have on my internal and external.

Also..last thing. My external Firewire came with Restrospect Software. Given my I need to have Retrospect and Superduper!? My Firewire has those buttons you can use to do "instant" backups, but I was planning to ignore them and just do a weekly clone of my system using Superduper. Any thoughts? sorry for the long letter here, I'm just trying to make the right choices before I start this whole process. I've only had my Mac for 6 mos. so I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to all this.

Any advise/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

dnanian 06-27-2005 12:41 PM

A few things here, xcaliber:

- Why are you erase-and-installing Tiger? There's no reason to do that if an upgrade works for you -- I'd strongly suggest doing an "upgrade" of the clone (if that's what you want), and if you have trouble THEN do an erase.

- A Safety Clone isn't a full backup, and that's important to recognize. In addition, because of data changes in Tiger, Mail is problematic if you're not using IMAP. Check out the FAQ about Tiger Compatibility for more info.

- Remember that if you *don't* use a Safety Clone, your user files aren't kept up to date on the clone. So, if you "roll back" to Panther by booting from the clone, you're going to end up missing any of the stuff you've worked on, since it's on the Tiger volume.

- It doesn't really matter, on a non-portable, whether you put the Safety Clone on the internal or external drive, although keeping it on a different device means you get to "multitask" the drives, if you know what I mean. But it works either way, especially consider the space you're using.

- You can certainly use Retrospect in addition to SuperDuper! if you feel you want/need "historical" rollback capability. But, most people don't -- so SD! would do you fine by itself.

Hope that helps -- follow-up with any questions!

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