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dnanian 08-28-2009 12:10 PM

Tell me about v2.6's New Features!
Although I've been working on a new User's Guide since before the release of v2.5, I'm not done yet. I know. But I'm running pretty flat out doing everything else, and the task of expanding/reducing/editing/reshooting/etc the guide is a big task that seems to only benefit the three of you who read it.

So, while I continue work on that, here are new things in SuperDuper! v2.6 that need a bit of explanation.

The most important thing: if you have existing schedules, please delete and recreate them with the new version. The "script driver" has been updated pretty extensively, and you won't benefit from those changes unless you recreate your schedules.

With that out of the way, let's begin:
  • Backup on connect
    When you create a schedule, there are two possibilities. You can schedule it to run on a timed schedule (e.g. every 2nd Tuesday at 11pm) or, now, you can have it back up when the destination drive is connected to your Mac... or both. It's up to you.
  • Eject destination on completion
    If you're using Backup on connect, you can combine it with the new "Eject" option in the "On successful completion" section of Options. When the backup is done, and SuperDuper! quits, the destination drive will be ejected.
  • Sparse Bundle support
    Leopard introduced a new, more efficient image type called "Sparse Bundles", and v2.6 now supports them with a new image type option in the "Disk Image..." pop-up.
  • That "Copy ACLs" checkbox in the Advanced tab of Options
    This isn't new to v2.6, but we get a lot of questions about it. ACLs are Access Control Lists: new, more advanced/granular security options introduced with Tiger Server and made the default for all in Leopard. This option defaults to on, and should be left that way unless we instruct you otherwise! :)
  • PGP full disk encryption is now supported
    This is meaningful to those of you using PGPWDE9 (but not later versions). SuperDuper! now recognizes and supports encrypted source and destination volumes. Please ensure you use Smart Update when copying to an encrypted volume.

I think most everything else is self-explanatory: enjoy the new update!

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