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esuebrown 07-24-2004 11:04 AM

1st backup clone to ext dr estimated time ??
just purchased and registered superduper. & tried it for the first time initial clone backup to 60 external firewire HD . ( from 20 internal HD with 12 free space, 54,000folders & 228,511 files)

any estimated time for initial superdupering from 20 HD to 60 ext HD. ?? osxpanther. followed all printed manual instructions to the letter and all went well.

I quit after 1 hr 55 min. upper process bar was 1/16th blue; lower bar 1/3 blue.

I know first takes longer, but how much time do you thiink would be appropriate ?????


sue :o :o

dnanian 07-24-2004 12:25 PM

Hi, Sue.

That's a bit strange: it certainly shouldn't have gotten stuck at that point -- were your drives still going? Were you actively using the computer while it was doing the clone?

esuebrown 07-24-2004 02:19 PM

just tried it again from scratch. guess I had done something wrong the first time as this time it went smoothly and showed the progress what was being copied , which was not the case in the initially. 1hr 55 min. this time was a cinch.. am working from it right now so all seems to have gone smoothly. havent booted from it yet as I have to find the info on which key to press at startup to give option of what want as startup drive. but will do that later.

no the first time I was not using the computer.

am wondering if down the road I should partition in order to be able to use the whole 60 hd (having a partition for things that I will want to install that I dont have on my internal HD-- like photos etc-- that I will not want deleted with future superduper copying).... does that make sense ? I am assuming that anything on a separate partition would not be touched by future superdupering ?


sue :)

dnanian 07-24-2004 04:31 PM

OK -- a bit weird, but I'm glad that the 2nd time things worked a bit better. Strange.

To choose a startup drive at boot, you need to hold down Option. But, that's not strictly necessary: you can choose a startup disk in System Preferences' "Startup Disk" preference pane.

If you want to make use of part of your 60GB drive for storage, I'd definitely recommend partitioning it into a "backup" partition (20GB, given your internal drive size) and then leaving 40GB for your own data. That way, you can smart update things and be assured that your data is isolated on its own volume.

Hope that helps!

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