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nriley 12-31-2021 03:30 PM

Running SuperDuper! from a non admin account diskutil prompting
I have SuperDuper! set up on my dad's MacBook Pro so it runs when he plugs in the clone disk. He is non-technical so I'm trying to make it as simple as possible for him.

To prevent him from doing too much damage he does not log in as an administrator, but a regular user.

I recently upgraded him to a new MBP and from Catalina to Monterey.

Now, when he plugs in the disk, he gets asked for an administrator password as sdcopycontroller tries to run 'diskutil mount disk1s2'.

disk1s2 is the system volume (not the snapshot mounted on /, disk1s2s1).

So, two questions:

1) Why is SuperDuper! trying to mount this volume?
2) If I click Cancel (i.e., do *not* enter an administrator password), the backup proceeds seemingly normally starting with the 10 second countdown. Is this actually OK?

It seems either (a) SuperDuper! does not actually need to mount this volume, or (b) if it does, it's not identifying the inability to do so as an error.

If it really needs to mount this, is there any way I can cause it to use my administrator password automatically so it doesn't prompt my dad each time?

If it doesn't, can this be fixed?

Thanks and happy new year!

dnanian 12-31-2021 04:01 PM

It's making sure the system volume is mounted along with the snapshot, and it requires admin to do that. If you chown/chmod to suid sdcopycontroller to an admin user, that should get past the prompt...

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