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exmayorlb 08-28-2005 09:41 AM

Tiger indexing after smart backup
Hello all:

I am a new poster here but an active L4 on Apple's discussion forums. I would like some clarification as I frequently recommend SuperDuper and wish to give correct information. I searched the forums before posting and read the threads I found.

After cloning either of my iMacs using smart update and the reboot from the external firewire drive, indexing begins. The indexing "appears," based on the visual external disk light blinking, to being performed on the external drive. I read in another post by the forum administrator that is normal.

Finally my questions!

1. Is the reindexing normal?
2. Is there an easy way that may be disabled or, better yet, an option in a future release of SuperDuper?

Thank you.

Barry Hemphill

dnanian 08-28-2005 10:00 AM

Hi, Barry.

If you reboot from the external drive, all the paths to the files on the internal drive (and the external drive, for that matter) change. Therefore, Spotlight reindexes the volume. This is both normal and necessary: while you can turn indexing off completely for the drive, you can't stop this behavior if you want to search with Spotlight.

We do allow you to disable indexing for the backup, though. There's a FAQ entry that provides a small script that will automatically do so -- take a look!

Hope that helps...

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