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Breeze 01-21-2011 04:54 PM

FR SD2.6.2 = Fix long timeout looking for missing image
I'm using SD 2.6.2 on SL 10.6.6 and when it first started it complained that it couldn't find the image it saved to last, which is what I wanted (I didn't connect that drive) because I wanted to create a new image of this updated SL to a new sparse-bundle.

But the time out time is MUCH too long! At first I thought SD was freezing because after 3 minutes I still couldn't access any menus, with no indication of what was going on (except the beachball). I killed and restarted it several times with the same result.

Then I got fed up, started it and went off to do an errand. 30 minutes later I came back and then I was able to start a new image etc... I don't know exactly how long it was looking, but I suggest a popup that asks the user to search or not right off the bat to avoid this scenario.

Thanks. FYI...

dnanian 01-22-2011 02:13 AM

OSX was trying to locate the drive on the network and mount it... we don't have control over the alias manager's timeout there.

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