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derekw 03-24-2021 04:59 PM

SD back up failed on Big Sur (Intel)
I tried to backup all files (erase and backup) of the Data volume of a Mac mini (Intel) running Big Sur (11.2.3) using SD 3.2.5. The back up failed towards the end.
| 04:31:38 PM | Info | Unable to write extended attribute to target file /Volumes/Macmini HD data bkup due to error: 22, Invalid argument
| 04:31:38 PM | Info | Unable to copy extended attributes from directory /System/Volumes/Data to directory /Volumes/Macmini HD data bkup. Invalid argument
| 04:31:38 PM | Error | SDCopy: Failed to copy extended attributes to directory /Volumes/Macmini HD data bkup
| 04:31:38 PM | Error | : Invalid argument
When I used the same process to back up a Macbook M1 to another APFS volume on the same external drive, it was successful. What should I do?

dnanian 03-25-2021 08:10 AM

We can remove the attribute; I'll reply to the email you sent.

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