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doh 08-06-2005 02:06 PM

First moves
I have three computers in the house full of docs & apps. In the past I have just done very crude back-ups of documents onto cds.

I'm not sure how to do better. It seems like I need to partition my drives before I can backup with shirtpocket but when I read about partitioning I read that I should back up first.

What is first?

Also, it seems that Disk Utility is only good for partioning drives if the drives are empty. Since mine are not empty do I also need to buy partitioning software such as iPartition or DiskStudio?

I am reading the MacWorld Article at
to try to figure this out. Any adivce?


dnanian 08-06-2005 02:17 PM

Well, doh, the thing you probably want to do is buy an external FireWire hard disk -- you can get one for well under $200. Then, you'd partition *that* drive (which would be brand new), and use SuperDuper! to back up to it.

You can partition it into three partitions, one for each computer, as long as you've bought one large enough to do so.

Don't partition your internal drive: that doesn't make sense, because if the drive fails, it'll lose the backup as well!

That get you started?

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