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Guy Kuo 11-12-2021 12:53 PM

Opencore Legacy Patcher Note
Not SuperDuper's fault, but be aware that if one applies OpenCore Legacy Patches to enable metal GPU acceleration on older Macs, ASR cannot duplicate the system files to create a bootable Big Sur or Monterey using SuperDuper's erase/copy all workaround to creating bootable backups.

One more march along the path to no having bootable backups....

I think ASR chokes if any of the system files have been patched by OCLP. If you just use the OCLP EFI without doing applying patches, you can create a bootable backup using SuperDuper, but you won't have metal CPU acceleration.

CCC also uses ASR for creating "legacy" bootable clones and suffers the same failure if the system files have been patched.

Creation of bootable Catalina backups does not suffer this issue as it appears ASR is not being used to create a bootable backup for that OS version.

Again, it is not a fault of SD, but owners of older machines who wish to run Monterey should be aware of this and adjust their backup strategy accordingly.

BTW, OCLP is letting my 2012 MBP's run Monterey very nicely.

dnanian 11-12-2021 01:04 PM

I don't think it would be even remotely surprising to find that unsupported Macs are unsupported, in general. Once you start "patching" things to get OS versions that specifically exclude a given Mac to work, you're kind of in what-do-you-expect territory. :-)

Note that erase-then-copy is not a "workaround" for bootable backups. It's what's required, by Apple, for this.

You can, of course, make a Smart Update, which will only copy the Data volume (everything but the OS) and can still be restored fine.

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