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Dasman 12-08-2005 01:50 PM

Scheduled Custom Script Uses Wrong Script?
I created a Custom Script doing a Smart Update of the Documents folder only, tested it and it worked fine. I then Scheduled it to run at a specified time. When it ran, the script it used was the Standard Scripts/BackUp - all files, and not the Custom Script I thought I had scheduled to run. When I looked at the log, it called for the BackUp - all files script. Why is the wrong script being used? Also, although the custom script ran at the correct time, when I looked at the schedule, it said 9:30 pm, even though it ran at 12:00, the time I wanted. Is the 9:30 setting a default that appears even when the scheduled time is something else?

dnanian 12-08-2005 01:55 PM

It sounds like you're confusing the "main window", Dasman, with the scheduled item. As the manual explains, the scheduled copy is completely independent of the settings in the main window: once scheduled, further changes to the main window doesn't change something that's already scheduled.

So, if you want to change various things about it other than the date/time of the run, delete the one that's there already, set things up in the main window, and then click "Schedule". That'll add a new copy to the list.

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