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pbarthelemy 04-09-2006 02:06 PM

backing up apps data : iPhoto, iTunes, Palm, bookmarks...

How I am suppose to backup my application data ?
SuperDuper is Ok for 'brutal' folder backup but lots of apps hide/encode their data.

For instance :
- iTunes Library Folder : is it OK to backup it 'as is'? will purchased music be accessible?
- iPhoto Library : the folder has a weird structure, backing it up is OK ?
- where are the Palm, iCal, Address Book, Bookmarks... located ? How can I be sure my home folder contains all this ?Will I be sure I can restore to data on those apps ? ( especially the the Palm data ?)

A lots of question indeed....

Does anyone knows where to find documentation on all this ?
I guess what I am looking for is a per-application backup guide...


dnanian 04-09-2006 08:38 PM

When you do a "Backup - all files", all those files are backed up. Every application stores its files in different locations, so it's not possible for me to document how to "restore" individual application files: the application developer would know what files need to be copied back.

To answer these few:

- Purchased music can be copied, no problem, and will be accessible from any iTunes that has been activated with the iTMS account.
- iPhoto is just a set of folders, backing it up is fine
- Palm -- don't know, sorry
- iCal, Address Book -- both of these are in Library/Application Support, under their appropriate folder
- Bookmarks -- in Library/Safari

Certainly, though, restoring the whole backup will restore your iTunes, iPhoto, Palm, etc files: they're all there, on the backup, exactly where they're supposed to be.

Hope that helps!

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