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dnanian 05-02-2004 01:33 PM

How do I back up to a volume that has files on it?
We're often asked: what the best way is to back up to a volume that already has files -- files that aren't on the source volume -- on it?

There are a few techniques you can use. First, do *not* use either "Erase, then copy" or its close cousin "Smart Update". Both of these endeavor to make the destination volume look exactly like the source. This includes removing files from the destination that aren't on the source, which clearly isn't what you want.

You can use either "Copy Newer" or "Copy Different" to "add" files to a destination volume, overwriting files as appropriate. Neither will remove files from the destination that don't exist on the source (though either could overwrite preexisting files, depending on whether they're older or different).

Another option is to use an image stored on the destination volume: of course, images can't be subsequently updated without creating a whole new image... or can they? That's the topic for our next FAQ!

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