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DaleMeyn 02-27-2006 07:31 PM

Updating Sandbox
From p. 36 of the SD! User's Guide, this looks like the routine for updating Sandbox from the source (Mac HD):
Copy Mac HD to Sandbox; using "Sandbox - Shared Users & Applications"; with "Smart Update from Mac Hd to Sandbox" instead of the original "Erase Sandbox, then copy files from Mac HD", which takes much longer (an hour vs. 3-4 minutes).

However (on p. 41) if for some reason, one originally created Sandbox using "Copy - all files", then he must retain this vs. "Sandbox - Shared Users & Applications" when Smart Updating, otherwise the copy process will erase all those files not included in the latter script (except for System-owned files, I assume).

I believe I've correctly interpreted those instructions, they looked contradictory at first, until I reread them a few times. In fact, I at first thought that "Copy - all files" was being recommended as the preferred way of doing Smart Backup of Sandbox. My big question is, why would one use "Copy - all files" to create a Sandbox? It doesn't seem advantageous to me, although it probably wouldn't cause any functional problems. Dale Meyn.

dnanian 02-27-2006 07:42 PM

I'm completely confused by your question, Dale. "Backup - all files" (not "Copy - all files") has nothing to do with creating a Sandbox, but is it the way to update the original volume from the Sandbox.

The reason for this is you don't want to create a Sandbox from the Sandbox.

Re-smart-updating the Sandbox from the original drive is something else entirely...

DaleMeyn 02-27-2006 10:26 PM

clarification, I hope
I apologize for typing "Copy - all files" instead of "Backup - all files". It's hard for me to keep all those scripts precisely stated when trying to type the message and juggle 2 other windows simultaneously. I haven't lived with them long enough to have them all memorized.
Page 41 of the User's Guide does not address updating the original volume from Sandbox, rather, it explains how to do a Smart Update from the original volume (Mac HD) to Sandbox, having booted from Mac HD. The "Important Note" warns that if one "did an initial copy using 'Backup - all files' ", then reverting to "Backup - user files" for Smart Update will delete all files on Sandbox other than the ones selected by the script "Backup - user files". I interpreted "initial copy" as the creation of Sandbox, which was apparently my mistake.
Whatever "initial copy" means, my question was, why would one use "Backup - all files" when copying/updating from Mac HD to Sandbox? Is there an advantage to that? The recommended procedure (p. 35-36) for both creating and (Smart) updating Sandbox is to use "Sandbox - user files and applications". I got a little confused by the apparently contrary scenario in the "Important Note" on p. 41.
I hope this makes the cause of my confusion clear. I'm still a little wary after my disastrous blunder on first using SD!. Dale Meyn.

dnanian 02-27-2006 10:46 PM

No problem with the names, etc -- I'm just trying to make sure things are clear.

Page 41 of the User's Guide is really just trying to give examples of what the options do, not necessarily have you draw conclusions from the names of the drives. In this case, I'm trying to concentrate on the action of the four "During copy" options.

Sandbox, in this case, just happens to be the name of the drive (although the examples outside the Important Note are entirely valid). Inside, I specifically say "let's say you did a backup with Backup - all files". At that point, I'm just trying to get the names and text to agree with the screen shot the user is already familiar with. Since Backup - all files is being used, it's a full backup, regardless of the name of the drive.

The point is to try to understand how "Smart Update" interacts with the selected files, and how the result of a smart update is exactly what you'd get with "Erase, then copy". You can't create a "Sandbox" without using one of the Sandbox scripts, regardless of what copy method you use. The volume name has nothing to do with it...

DaleMeyn 02-28-2006 08:07 AM

Got it
Dave, I understand now that it was only a generic example to illustrate that Smart Udate produces the same result as "erase, then copy". What confused me was that it was in the context of Smart Updating Sandbox, so I just assumed you were specifically dealing with Sandbox in the "Important Note". Thanks for your patience. For me, the bottom line is: always Smart Update Sandbox using the "Sandbox - shared users and applications" script which I used to create Sandbox. Dale Meyn.

dnanian 02-28-2006 08:20 AM

That's right. And if you "clone back" -- that is, update your original volume from the Sandbox -- you'd use "Backup - all files", along with Smart Update, to do so.

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