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Irl 07-18-2018 07:11 AM

SuperDuper and iCloud don't play nice?
Until a few days ago, SD! was working fine backing up the user drive on my wife's El Capitan machine. The drive contains two inactive PhotoLibraries (total 119 GB) and one active one (about 100 GB) which is used every day. The nightly backups would run in a few minutes, as expected. Then I set up iCloud to back up the active library and also copied (initiated copying, anyway) the two inactive ones to iCloud Drive. The copies don't complete and seem to get restarted at zero progress after a SD! backup. And the SD nightly backups are now copying pretty much everything on the user drive and taking hours to run. It seems like iCloud and SD are somehow marking the files as sort-of-modified and so each thinks the files are new. Would upgrading to High Sierra help?

dnanian 07-18-2018 08:57 AM

We don't change the source drive at all (save to enable permissions, a volume-wide setting that would be left on). The files are opened read-only - so I don't know why iCloud would restart (unless it does that for other reasons). Perhaps turn off the backup until things are copied up to iCloud?

I have no idea if they've changed this never-heard-that-before behavior in High Sierra - sorry!

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