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Dan Lester 07-19-2021 06:59 PM

APFS conversion - how big a beverage?
So I'm using 3.5-beta3 to do an APFS conversion of a 500GB SATA disk. I am told "This could take a long time: you might want to get yourself a beverage." It's taking a very long time. Should I spring for a keg instead of a bottle? Seriously, are we talking minutes, hours, or days? (No Time Machine involved.)

dnanian 07-19-2021 08:04 PM

Well, that's hard to say. But it shouldn't be much more than an hour. If it is, I would stop it, restart your Mac, check to see if it converted it but didn't exit (it's a system tool we're waiting on), and if not, erase the drive as APFS yourself...

Dan Lester 07-20-2021 10:22 AM

Thank you. I wonder if it would be possible to include an indicator of how far along the process is? I assume what's taking so long is rewriting with data preservation, because if you just use Disk Utility to erase the disk and AFPS it, it only takes about thirty seconds. Oh, by the way, when the process is ongoing in SuperDuper, the "cancel" button is dimmed, so you can't stop it from inside the program. You can't even just simply quit SuperDuper to stop it. You need to force quit SuperDuper.

dnanian 07-20-2021 11:03 AM

It doesn't give us any status or progress, so we have no idea. And we don't know if it safe to cancel, so we don't put a button up...

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