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spotlight finds files on backup but not on source volume

Well, they subject says it almost all.
When i search for 500.daily in spotlight, it reports the file on the backup volume, but it doesn't seem to find it on the source volume (Mac_HD).
Same when i search for
And, even mre confusing, when i search with spotlight for a file that resides in a user's home, it turns up both locations, the one on Mac_HD and the one on the backup volume.

How can that be?

What's even more confusing is that i switched indexing off on the backup volume, but not the source volume:

/Users/zach% sudo mdutil -s /Volumes/System\ Clone
/Volumes/System Clone:
Status: Indexing Disabled
/Users/zach% sudo mdutil -s /Volumes/Mac_HD/
Status: Indexing Enabled

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