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After my backup, I can't eject my drive!

If, after you back up, you can't eject your drive, but you know you're not running anything that has files open over there, it's likely the system is using the drive.

There are two common "invisible" tasks that might be working on your backup drive. The most common is Spotlight, which will often index the drive after you've updated it... and until it's done, it's difficult to get the drive to eject.

To stop Spotlight from doing this, you can add the backup drive to the "Privacy" list, which you'll find in the Spotlight Preference Pane in System Preferences.

The second is an AntiVirus program. AntiVirus programs can cause a lot of problems during backups (including slowing down the backup, generating errors, etc), and it will also scan every file that's copied from your source drive -- even though you've already scanned all of them when you put them on the original drive in the first place.

I'd generally recommend that you configure your AntiVirus program to ignore/exclude your backup drive from automatic scanning. It'll speed up your backups, and will avoid the whole "can't eject" problem.
--Dave Nanian
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