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Copied, Partitioned, And Now I'm Screwed....

Great app, by the way- I think it was me who made a stupid mistake.....

I have a 120 gig external FW hard drive, and a 60 gig iBook. I had about 40 gigs of stuff on the external, and about 40 gigs on the ibook. The ibook however had two partitions, 48 for OSX and about 7 for Linux. I wanted to erase the 7 gig partition, so I used the "Backup All Files", selected "Copy Newer Files..." and Copied the ibook to the external. I then booted from the external and partitioned the ibook. It was then (stupid, stupid me) I realized that I was sitting with 80 gigs of information on the external, and no way (apparent) to copy it back over. What would be my best solution at the moment? ( I only want the original 40 gigs, if at all possible) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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