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Thanks Dave for quick replying.

I boot from the Sandbox.
This maybe my problem explanation.

When I launch the script, the 2 first steps of the copy process are OK, but the third one called the "After successful copy" step, gets coloured in red, with the error message : "Failed to run shell script set_icon".

Is the icon folder supposed to be on the "Master" HD or on the Sandbox ?
I have tried both locations, without success.

Same question about the script ?
Il have copied it to: "/Applications/Utilities/SuperDuper!.app/Contents/Resources/Copy Scripts/set_icon", on the Sandbox.
Was I right ?

My Backup disk name is... Ahem... "Backup".
The icon Unix path and name are "/Volumes/iMac G5/Users/parents/Volume Icons/Backup.VolumeIcon.icns".

Please forgive my poor english. I hope I made it clear enough.
We french people, here in Paris, love and use SD too.
"Merci beaucoup".

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