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I did the launchservices rebuilt and there is no change: growl gets a "registered" entry in the console log and mailme works if a backup is initiated via the GUI; no Grown entries or mailme occur at all if the backup occurs due to a scheduled item.

My next action is to remove the growl tickets from user:library:application%20supprt/growl.

If that doesn't work, are there any hidden superduper files I need to remove to deinstall superduper? My next approach is to completely remove superduper and growl, and then install them again, hopefully with a completely clean slate.

I see the growl and superduper plist files in user:libraryreferences (com.blacey.superduper!.plist and the the various other SuperDuper! saved settings growl items via Finder FIND), but my question is, are there more?

I want to wipe it clean to start again.

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