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How to back-up for Apple Upgrade


I just got SuperDuper a few hours ago. It's just fine, so far.

Now, on to the questions. I understand that if Apple has an upgrade of the system and/or its accompanying software that it normally supplies on their computers, then the Safety Clone would take care of any problem, if one needs to go back to where things were prior to using the Apple update.

My understanding of this is that if an update from Apple were to foul up the operating system *and also* foul up an application like Safari (at the same time on the same update), then by going back to the original drive (and not using the Safety Clone) -- one would be essentially running the computer like it was prior to the Apple Update (including the Safari application and the operating system).

However, I'm wondering what would happen if the update was a program like iPhoto and the actual database organization and the pictures were affected. Now would the application iPhoto be back in its original state (prior to the application upgrade) *plus* the pictures and the database orgaization of iPhoto -- if one were to revert to the original drive (and not the Safety Clone)?

If this is not the case -- then what is the procedure for dealing with this kind of an "Apple application update" (like we have with iLife 05)?

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