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Originally Posted by dnanian View Post
Well, no. A USB2 connection is going to be significantly slower than Firewire. But eSATA isn't going to be significantly faster than FW800 for this purpose.
Ah. Okay, so if I buy the MBP, don't bother with the eSATA card, not worth the trouble, just use FW800 instead for backups.

And get used to lugging around the extra pound so my backups are faster or else put up with significantly slower backups using only USB 2 w/the MB (2-3x slower than FW800?). I may still do the latter just to save my back--which leads me back to really wishing the MB Air (I just can't bring myself to call it an MBA) could be fitted with 4 GB of RAM.

Thanks Dave (and for the reference link too).
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