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Upgrading a safety clone to tiger

hi dave,

this is a newbie question, i have looked at other questions on the forum but they don't seem to be asking quite the same thing...

i made a safety clone of my 10.3.9 on an external LaCie drive. I used the "share applications and users option". I would like to upgrade this safety clone to tiger, while keeping (for now) my old panther install on the internal drive. I'm a musician and unfortunately have some bits of software that either don't work in Tiger or that i can't afford to upgrade just yet.

i envisage that I will be using the Tiger install to test stuff, get used to the new OS and in fact almost like the way you reccommend to use a safety clone. I would like to be able to test some of my apps in tiger, but still have the safety of being able to run them in panther if they don't like tiger.

I was wondering: if i upgrade the safety clone to tiger, what happens to my shared applications and prefs? i notice that in my safety clone, there are aliased folders to my applications and user folders - will a tiger upgrade be able to deal with aliases or will it overwrite those links?

if i decided to upgrade my original panther install instead, do i need to erase the clone i have now and make a new one that doesn't share apps and users (in case i have to revert to panther)?

I'm also curious because i had to reregister a music app when i booted from my safety clone because the hardware in my computer had changed (different boot drive) and the authorization depends on my hardware. if i had done this, would it have knocked out the authorization i already had because preferences are shared?

sorry if these are really basic questions because i'm a bit new at this [which is why i registered SuperDuper! ].
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