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Backup (very) slow on iBook G4


I have been trying to clone my iBook G4 (1.42 GHz, 512 MB)'s hard drive to my new FW 400 external drive, yet have had to give up because it was taking much longer than expected. I had heard of copying rates of 1 GB per minute, but the copying rate on my computer was only about 0.80 MB/s...
The FireWire transfer rate clearly is not to blame : copying a 500 MB file to the external HD via the Finder only takes a few seconds, as it should.
SD itself does not seem to be the culprit either : I attempted Restoration to my external HD via Disk Utility, with about the same (non-)result...

My questions are :
- Is this copying rate normal given my configuration (a bit outdated, I suppose...) ?
- If not, what can I do to improve it ? Does it have anything to do with the external HD being journaled ?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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