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My machine is a Mac Pro (early2008) with 24 GB RAM. As I have VMWare with several OS'es, and go frequently to sleep when VMware is active, there are 2 files,that Dave helped me to find on SD log :
1) /private/var/vm/sleepimage which reached nearly 25 GB
2) /private/var/vm/swapfile0
Of course these files are ignored by SD when copying the main system disk to a bootable clone.
But that explains why my main disk had more than 69 GB, while the clones made with SD were only 42GB.
I erased on the Terminal the first file (sleepimage) and now my main disk has only 44 GB and runs noticeably faster than before.
All my thanks go to Dave who helped me find this explanation to an occurance which really puzzled me.
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