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Smart Update clone co-existing with other data

I've started having some issues with my Western Digital My Book external. One possible problem suggested on other forums is that the Mac OS dislikes My Books with dual partitions (or the My Book with dual partitions dislikes Macs ) and sleep issues can arise. I'm starting to experience this so I'm wondering if the following is possible and how I would go about accomplishing it...

I basically want to create one partition and create a folder named "Files" or whatever that Smart Update will NOT check when creating the clone. I don't want it to think "Oh, this 200Gb directory here isn't on the Mac so I probably needs to delete it." I'd rather it knew not to mess with this folder. Currently, I have a 70+250 partition setup and I'm wasting 40Gb of the 70 since my system drive is clean (I keep all my multimedia on the firewire My Book).

So, assuming I communicated the above correctly, how do I accomplish this? Can I accomplish this?

PS It does not sound like Sparse Images will be a viable solution for me. "Copy Newer" would almost work, but it's the removing target files that were removed on the source that I want to preserve.

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