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Panther to Tiger with a bootable Lacie external

Hey all,

New mac user here.
Here's a scenario I'd like advice on.

I currently have Panther installed on my G4 Powerbook 1.3GZ, 760MB RAM,
I have a Lacie Bigger Extreme 400GB (FW800) hooked up, but haven't used it yet.
I've bought OSX Tiger.

It was suggested to me that I could possibly squeak some performance imporvement by using my Lacie Drive as my main bootdrive since the transfer rate is really fast to the CPU, and the read/write speeds on the Lacie drive are way faster than the native 5400 RPM drive in my powerbook.

This is interesting. So how to go about doing it?

Here's what I'm guessing:
Step 1. Install SuperDuper on my mac with OSX Panther.
Step 2. Clone my existing setup onto the Lacie Drive
Step 3. Install OSX Tiger on the powerbook.
Step 4. Make sure everything is working out ok.
Here's where I'm not sure..
Step 5. Format the Lacie Drive clean and make a bootable clone of my new OSX Tiger install onto the Lacie Drive.
Step 6. Start booting off of the Lacie Drive and see how well it works.

1. Do you think ther ewill actually be any performance improvement?
2. Should I bother formatting the Lacie drive clean before cloning the Mac OSX Tiger to it? (otherwise, wouldn't there be 2 bootable OS on the same drive?)
3. Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks all,
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