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...lastVolumeList.plist in Trash thing, again?

I find "com.shirtpocket.lastVolumeList.plist" in a Recovered files folder on starting up this iMac everyday. I found an archived thread in the Apple Forums from Oct, 2009 reporting this behavior. I think your solution back then was 'fergitaboutit' which I've been doing. But I'm growing tired of checking to see if it's something else.

That plist is somehow getting placed in ~/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems. And that's why it gets into the Recovered files. Is there something I can do to prevent this plist from ending up in that location, every day?

I also just found a thread here talking about a different problem but mentioning the "applet" item in the Security & Privacy pref panel needing to be checked/allowed. Mine was not and I've now checked it. I'll see if the Recovered files shows that plist being dumped again tomorrow morning. I believe that's an AppleScript that checks if SD [and Growl] is running) and is completely irrelevant to the plist dumping.

Using OSX 10.9.1, Growl and SD 2.7.1 (v91), BTW.
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