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Originally Posted by gryphonent View Post
It's not like Leopard came unexpected, huh? It's been announced for months with developer versions circulating for a while. Why is it other folks have their 10.5 version polished on time?

You might "not work to dates" but I certainly do "backup to dates," which is the whole purpose of doing timely backups. Slightly annoyed about this, to be honest.
Why is it that anytime there is an OS update (Windows and Mac) people expect all the 3rd party applications to work on day one?

Are we this disconnected from reality?

Did the idea ever cross your mind that maybe you should have waited a couple of weeks before migrating if you wanted all your 3rd party apps to work. It did in my mind which is why I am still using Tiger (with backups) and monitoring Leopard progress on all my important apps.

As has already been mentioned later in this thread and all over the internet, the last Leopard preview released to developers was not the same as the one in the package you bought. Developers got that version the same time you did.

Cut Shirt Pocket some slack and learn some patience. Just because Apple and all the other coprporations want you to run out and stand in line to buy their products on day one doesn't mean you have to do it.

Early adoption does not equal pain free.
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