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Several things...

1) First and foremost, what t3Rockhall and NightOne said. Some slack is in order. This update (10.5) has NOTHING that I can perceive as a real "must-have" for productivity use. I can't say 100% as I don't know how all 100% of people use their machines, but I'll say again I see nothing that in the real world (as opposed to the poseur, latest-and-greatest crowd) is really necessary. Some neat features, yes, possibly some time saving, but necessary? Puhleeze! So what's the rush with all of you guys. Just a bunch of instant-gratification embodiments of the Me-gen. (Yeah, I'm pissed.) (In fact I'm pissed enough to add that this thread is plain stupid; if Revolting had really been reading the last week, he already knew the answer to his question: "no, there's no definite date yet," and he knew why. But he didn't really have a question.... he had a whine.)

2) There were changes right up to the end of the betas of Leopard, as Dave has said about fifteen times. These changes didn't affect all classes of software in exactly the same way. Thus some programs probably were completed six months ago and continued to function just fine, and their publishers knew they were fine. As Dave has also said (also over and over, poor guy) with backup software, it needs to be 100% absolutely right before release, and they need to be 100% certain of that.

3) Last, and for this our host may kill me, in fact the present version of SD works apparently (note "apparently") just fine, except that the backup won't boot and the copied metadata is apparently not up to Shirt-Pocket's standards. I have been using it (SD) against my "play" copy of Leopard for about four months, and have tested the resulting backups several ways, and they are apparently (same note) fine. So, use it if you want to and it will probably be OK. Me, I wouldn't do it on my "real" system, but I wouldn't run Leopard right now either. Peace
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