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Fair enough, but still have ?'s

OK, if I promise to play nice and not whine, can I still ask a question that is important to me?

Like many out there, I had anticipated the release of Leopard. I was not going to stand in line like some wannabe glory hog, but I did want to upgrade based on features and benefits that I perceived to be relevant to my work.

OK, so I wait a few days and don't see any major screw-ups to upgrading i.e. panic upgrade releases from Apple, etc. and decided to take the plunge.

Mind you, part of my reasoning for wanting to upgrade was more due to my need to use XP Pro SP2 on VMware Fusion, than anything else. I was aware that the newest Leopard beta update of theirs appeared to be even more stable than the last Tiger GA release, so it was important to me in my work.

Sadly, the last thing I thought about was whether or not SD would be completely Leopard compatible. I work twelve-hour days as it is and I do not spend that time Googling dozens of 3rd party SW sites to find out what works and what doesn't. I am already on the bleeding edge by emulating XP on an MBP 17 C2D, so I it really always comes down to being able to get my work done first, then worry about the frosting.

To make a long story short, I took your amazing work for granted, David.

So, here’s my question, and I am not holding you responsible for any silliness that occurs from “lost data”, etc. SD is by far the best backup system I use, but it is not the ONLY method I employ.

“What are the odds of a successful Leopard clean install and data migration from an SD backup, IF said backup was done AFTER upgrading to Leopard?”
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