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Phantom backup volume on my internal HD

Here's a convoluted question. I'll try to make it as clear as possible:

I've run out of hard drive space, so I purchased a program called What Size to show me all files on my computer and how much space they take up. A folder appeared called "Backup Leopard," the name of my SuperDuper backup volume on my external drive, 24.5 gb in size. My drive was not connected to my computer, so I know it's not just my backup drive. When I do a search through the Finder, this folder does not show up.

Backtrack a couple weeks: I was backing up when I tripped over my cord and disconnected my backup drive mid backup. I didn't want to stop the backup because I got a warning message telling me that I might leave my HD in an "unknown state." So, I let the backup run it's course. The status log was telling me it was copying my internal HD and the "Files Up To Date" number remained frozen while the copying numbers increased. Finally, I got message telling me it couldn't complete the backup. I don't remember the exact language of this message. I simply reconnected my backup drive, redid the backup and it worked.

So, my question is... now, could this phantom folder be a result of this? Does SuperDuper copy to a temporary hidden folder on my internal HD during backup? Could I be damaging anything by erasing this folder via What Size?

Sorry this is so long... Any insight is very much appreciated, thanks!
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