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I see the netTunes server, but when I connect, I just get a spinning cursor of death!

This relatively common problem is typically due to blocked communication between the client and server. 9.9 times out of 10, this is because the firewall is enabled on one of the two machines.

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

1. Turn the firewall off. If you're on a home network, behind a router with NAT enabled, the firewall -- while it provides an additional measure of safety -- is typically not necessary, since the router usually has a firewall built into it.

2. Lock down the server, and punch a hole in the firewall. To do this, open the netTunes Server Preference Pane on the server. Turn the server off, and then enter a port number -- typically above 1024 -- in the port field. Start the server again.

Now, open the Sharing preference pane. Switch to the firewall tab, and add a new entry that allows the port specified in the netTunes Server pane through.

Once this is done, communication should proceed without difficulty.
--Dave Nanian
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