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How fast...

Hi all,

i am having trouble with SuperDuper:
- it crashed my computer a few times now.
- it runs MUCH slower than i remember.

It copies (Smart BackUp) my Sytem-HD to an attached FireWire800-HD with an effective copy speed of 6-7 MB/s. The destination drive is clean and empty. As i remember was SuperDuper copying files much faster "before". I can not say that i changed anything in SD - i did update my System from 10.4.4 to 10.4.5. I DID repair permission before and the system is running very stable - except SD...

How fast should SD copy "normally" (120GB with big and small files -> 467.000 files in all) ?

System: OS X 10.4.5 / G5 2x2 orig / 4,5 GB RAM
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