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Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper!

I have used SuperDuper! since it came out. I love the app, the simplicity, the ability to recover from a catastrophe in a snap.

Leopard has forced me to look at something else in the interim, such as Carbon Copy Cloner.

Can anyone comment on why I would not want to just switch permanently? I do not use sandboxing, all I need is one backup, on schedule, to a sparse disk image so it does not interfere with my Time Machine backups which are set to backup on the ~/my_user area.

Carbon Copy Cloner seems to work now, though it is not as nice and easy to use. So, aside from ease of use, is there something it is not doing as well in regards to file integrity?

Is SuperDuper! Any smarter in regards to the efficiency in which is can back up files?

I always try to support the indy developer, even if it costs more, but in the end, its about reliability of the application, above all else.
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