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Script problem

I have been successfully using SD 1.5.5 (v74) with 10.4.2 to clone my internal drive to various external FW drives. Today I wrote a script to clone some selected directories to a partition on a particular FW drive. Everything seems to copy exactly except Users, which is slightly smaller on the target, but I get an error message at the end saying that the script could not be executed (or something like that). Here is the end of the log:

|08:39:43 PM|Info| Copied 16 items totaling 13.92 GB (2 directories, 7 files, 7 symlinks)
|08:39:43 PM|Info| Cloned 13.92 GB of data in 298 seconds at an effective transfer rate of 47.83 MB/s
|08:39:43 PM|Info| PHASE: Conclude Target Setup
|08:39:43 PM|Info| ...ACTION: Bless System on FW1B 20050813
|08:39:43 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Blessing OS X System Folder
|08:39:43 PM|Info| Did not bless Mac OS X System Folder on FW1B 20050813 because it does not exist.
|08:39:43 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Blessing OS 9 System Folder
|08:39:43 PM|Info| Successfully blessed Mac OS 9 System Folder on FW1B 20050813
|08:39:43 PM|Info| ...ACTION: Execute Site Customization Script /Users/name/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Copy Scripts/Partitions.dset
|08:39:43 PM|Info| ......COMMAND => Invoking site customization script: /Users/name/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Copy Scripts/Partitions.dset
|08:39:43 PM|Error| sh: line 1: /Users/name/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/Copy Scripts/Partitions.dset: Permission denied

Does this give you enough to tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you,

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