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SD sees different Vol name on Ext Drive partitions

I have an Ext drive, partitioned 3 ways. Lets say the names are DUPE1, DUPE2 and DUPE3. After cloning, I'll rename the partitioned volumes, to show the oldest clone.

SD makes the clones fine, but the next time I launch SD,
the SD target window shows "DUPE1 1" , even though the Finder Sidebar, and the desktop icon, still show "DUPE1". Subsequent cloning seems to increase the SD imposed "suffix". eg several clones later, the Mac displays (and Disk Utility) still show DUPE1, but the SD target window shows DUPE1 7 !

The clone seems to work ok, but I don't see why SD's target window does not display the same name as the Mac desktop & finder sidebar.
Is there a problem with renaming (partition) volumes after SD has used them for cloning>


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