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Some Questions About The Disable_Spotlight Script


I've installed the disable_spotlight script and it works very nicely; no more unwanted spotlight indexing! But I have a couple of questons.

1)I assume that ``-i off'' option writes a note in some hidden file (I can't even ``sudo ls'' the /.Spotlight-V100 directory!) so that the Volume will not be indexed from then on. If I continue to use the script as a customization script will there be multiple entries in that file or is mdutil smart enough to see that the disabling of indexing on that Volume is already set? I'm a bit worried that the file will grow continuously and ``man mdutil'' isn't much help.

2)Since I make complete bootable images on a backup drive (has saved me more than once) when I recopy back onto my internal drive after a disaster will the original drive be indexed or will I have to run mdutil with the ``-i on'' option?

After setting up SuperDuper with the customization script (of course I had to manually put the volume on my private list the first time) it works!

Thanks for any information you can provide.

Good Luck,
Herb Schulz
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