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Red face Bizarro script behavior

I read the manual and wanted to create a script to back up my OS X Server mail data. So I started with the "Exclude all files.dset" script, then added commands to copy /var/imap and /var/spool/imap, which is where OS X Server Admin tells me that the mail database and store are located.

So I run the script (copying to a disk image), and while it runs a bunch of apparently randomly-selected filenames are displayed (none having anything to do wil mail), and when it's finished I open the disk image and it's empty.

So what the hey is going on here???

P.S. I have a sparse image of my boot drive, created by SuperDuper, on an external FireWire drive. Can I restore it by booting from the FireWire drive and running SD? Will permissions etc. be set correctly? If I need to convert it to an ASR-compatible image, how do I do that?
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