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Preflight script option?

Hello there

I've just begun using SD, and I'm wondering whether you're planning to add any kind of PreFlight scripting option to go with the 'Run Customization Script' option for *after* backup.

I, for example, had a bash backup script that has these lines either side of the actual backup routine (worked in Panther, anyway):

ditto -rsrc /Volumes/<$TargetVolume>/.VolumeIcon.icns /tmp
ditto -rsrc /tmp/.VolumeIcon.icns /Volumes/<$TargetVolume>

because all my volumes have customised icons, and cloning a volume overwrites the target icon with the source one - so if I could put some kind of script in PreFLight to backup my source icon before running the main backup, and then add the 'restore icon' line into the 'disable spotlight on target volume' script, for instance, that would be perfect.

What d'you reckon? I hope the above makes sense.

- yoxi
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