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Originally Posted by barty View Post
Since I don't need to have a bootable drive or anything - I just want an exact copy - each time I completely copy the whole drive, should v82 of SD still work OK in that capacity? I'm willing to try it as long as I can be assured it can't hurt the main iTunes drive.
From what I've read on these forums and the Shirt Pocket blog, being unable to boot a SuperDuper! clone on Leopard is not its only issue. While it's possible that what you want to do would work just fine, it's also possible that it won't. Why risk it? Why wouldn't you just use Disk Utility instead? As you said, you want an exact copy and each time, you completely copy the whole drive, so obviously you're not concerned about being able to "smart update" it. In your shoes, I would rather entrust my data to Disk Utility than to an application that may or may not be completely reliable.

Hope that helps, and good luck!
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