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Originally Posted by villaman View Post
1. Users need to be informed when their software is no longer functioning properly.
Sure, if you were still using Tiger and a bug was introduced in a new build that got pushed out, a fix needs to be pushed out, the blog needs to be updated, e-mails to customers need to be sent.

That's not what happened here. You upgraded your operating system, the thing on which all other things run. It's *your* responsibility to make sure that the software on which you rely is compatible with your OS, you can't just assume that you can upgrade your OS and everything will work!

SuperDuper! functions properly if it's run on the version of the OS for which it was created and is guaranteed compatible. Simple.

2. I would hope that an emphasis would be placed on keeping the software functional vs adding new functionality. Any comment on this?
Please read the posts regarding this on the forums as well as Shirt Pocket's blog. This has been addressed by Dave at length. The gist of it is that this isn't about new features, this is about making the software compatible with the operating system, which happens to encompass Time Machine issues among other things. From what I understand, SuperDuper! could *not* simply be updated to support Leopard without addressing what you're calling a new feature.
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