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Cloned drive misbehaves

Just in case I'm the only one who's had it unlikely, I know here's another apparently Leopard-related problem to be addressed in the tweaked version of SuperDuper!
After cloning my internal drive to a LaCie portable and rebooting from the latter, several errors and inconsistencies turn up:
First, the LaCie icon stays in its former place halfway down the Desktop, while the internal drive's icon remains at the top, indicating it's still the one in control. But it isn't. The LaCie does become the controlling drive, even though that's not apparent.
Second, the Dock, which the internal drive normally puts at the right side of the Desktop, now is in its original default position at the bottom.
Third, all third-party applications, and even a few from Apple (such as TextEdit) no longer appear in the Dock at all, even though they're all in the cloned drive's Application folder and all work, more or less, when launched from there.
Fourth, certain apps some that appear in the Dock as they should and some that don't fail to survive the cloning with their preferences intact. iCal, for instance, makes it to the LaCie, but sheds all its events on the way. Regardless of whether it's launched from the Dock or from the Applications folder of the internal drive or the cloned drive, it comes up on the screen showing no events at all. When the iBook is fired up again from the internal drive, however, iCal's entries reappear.
I hope these are headches the current tweaking has already solved, and not a further nightmare that's going to delay the Leopard-compatible release even more.
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