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Thumbs down 927 GB evaluated is less than 1,338 GB already up to date

A month ago, I cloned my 1 TB Time Machine HD to a new 1.5 TB HD to stress test the new drive before it actually goes live. Two days ago, I turned off Time Machine and began a smart backup of the current TM drive to the new one.

Almost immediately, I noticed that the amount of space "already up to date" was larger than the amount of space "evaluated." At this point, with 31,994,625 of 35,626,217 files evaluated, the smart update is reporting:

926.86 GB evaluated, 1,338.33 GB already up to date, 164.37 copied.

How can there be more space already up to date than has been evaluated? How can the amount already up to date be larger than the source HD?

-- Ward

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