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Lightbulb Wish: show estimated time to completion

SuperDuper! 2.7.2 is currently doing a new complete clone of my boot drive to an erased external HD.

After it had been running for 90 minutes, I used PixelStick to measure the progress bar the completed portion segment was about 10% of the length of the bar, implying the copy will take about 15 hours. It's now been running for 9 hours and 49 minutes, and the progress bar appears to be about 2/3 complete. So my initial estimate of 15 hours total seems about right.

Wish: It would be nice if SuperDuper! showed an estimated time to completion (like a Finder Copy).

This estimate would probably be quite accurate for a complete copy, especially after a significant portion of the files have been copied. I realize an estimate for a Smart Update would be trickier because SuperDuper! can't predict how many files need to be copied/deleted. But it would at least be better than eye-balling the progress bar and doing mental arithmetic with the elapsed time so far. A SWAG is better than no guess at all.

-- Ward
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