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Boot from sandbox or just use it as a backup.

I've printed out and read the whole 50 page manual and I'm a little confused about the sandbox feature.

At the moment because I didn't fully understand, I just made a full clone of my entire hd and I've been smart updating it.

The manual strongly suggests that this sandbox is used as a boot volume to leave the hd untouched. That's fine, but when I was reading about the cloning options I got confused about the bit where user installed applications are *shared*.

Say for example I decide to now use this new cloned hd as a sandbox and I boot from it.

If I now do a System update and it is fine it of course wouldn't have updated my hd, as that is the whole point. But once I've decided it's good, then I naturally want my hd to be updated too. This is where I'm confused. After it's been ok'd does that mean I sort of do a reverse smart update that makes my hd the same as the clone?

And is this the same for apps I've installed myself? I'm confused about the bit where user installed applications are shared, with an alias. Does that mean the app is on the hd and an alias is on the clone. If so does that mean that when I do a user installed software update it installs to the hd or the clone?
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