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Leopard-compatible update ETA?

SuperDuper! is, I believe, the first application I bought for my new Mac when I switched to the platform last year. I've been a happy user of it since then, and consider it essential software. I think it's awful that Apple didn't get Leopard GM out to developers sooner, and marvel at those who have been able to so quickly release guaranteed-compatible updates.

That said, I was chagrined to find that two SuperDuper! cloned Leopard partitions are unbootable, and refuse to fully switch to the new OS until an officially compatible update is released. This means I've got Leopard sitting unused, installed on a new partition on a separate, internal drive. I've got all sorts of things that are in limbo until I can properly migrate.

So yeah. I don't mean to be a pain, and I have read your response in another thread that an update will be released "when it's ready," but given that your blog entry is now nearly a week old, I humbly ask if we could perhaps get a better idea of when we can expect to be able to reliably use SuperDuper! on Leopard?

Cheers! Thanks for all your hard work - SuperDuper! is both super and duper. =p
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