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Copying one external drive to another


I am currently running 10.5.1 and patiently waiting for the update.
My backup scheme was my whole computer (Intel iMac) to bootable external. And then since my itunes is over 300Gb, I have that on a second external which I backed up to a third external since I never want to rip over 1000 CDs ever again!

Since upgrading to 10.5 I've added a number of CDs to iTunes and am getting itchy to get a backup of that drive. Since I don't need to have a bootable drive or anything - I just want an exact copy - each time I completely copy the whole drive, should v82 of SD still work OK in that capacity? I'm willing to try it as long as I can be assured it can't hurt the main iTunes drive.

Anyone tried something like this?
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