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Hard drive recommendation / backing up PB 17'

-Backing up for my 17' Powerbook (60 gb internal system drive).

Up to now I have been doing a DMG to a multi-use external drive (500gb FW Lacie). I now have enough of this drive used that I can no longer create an image to this drive as the image needs approximately twice the source drive space to be available in creating the final image.

All that to say, it's time to buy a dedicated drive JUST for the back-up of my laptop's drive/system. I was looking at the:

LaCie Hard Drive, Design by F.A. Porsche 80GB
FireWire 400 ($119)

for its decent price and seemingly ok reviews. The drive will probably be offline most of the time, I will simply be making periodic clones (no more disk images) of my system. I am about to 'pull the trigger' (I presently have no back up!) but thought I would solicit an opinion here on this particular drive in this function. Thanks in advance

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